Data Sheet
Tactical Rules


A reenactment's success in portraying realistic battlefield conditions relies directly on the participants' behavior at the event.

To that end and for everyone's mutual enjoyment, please remember to SHOW GOOD FORM:

A. Show Good Form by honoring hits.
B. Show Good Form when you take a hit. Make the hit you take look good (remember to reenact being shot)
C. Show Good Form by not arguing with another reenactor during the battle about who shot who first.
D. Show Good Form by being safe and acting safely toward your fellow reenactor(s).
E. Show Good Form by respecting the site.


A. No Smoking in wood framed buildings or buildings containing old hay.
B. No campfires and/or open flame devices in wood framed buildings or buildings containing old hay.
C. If you build a campfire outside, please dig a proper fire pit and properly cover the fire pit at the end of the event.
D. Please use the trashcans provided.
E. Please police your trash (cigarette butts), garbage and pyrotechnical remains.
F. Any one using any "non organic" materials for grenades, mortars, bazooka/Shrek/Faust rounds, or Molotov Cocktails WILL BE REQUIRED to clean up the remains of that pyrotechnical device after the occurring action. If this is not done, then everyone using said items will enthusiastically volunteer to be a member of the pyrotechnical KP detail for SUNDAY morning. There are NO Ifs, ANDs or BUTs on this matter! If you see anything other than spent brass, please pick it up.
G. REMEMBER, OUR FUTURE USE OF THIS TACTICAL SITE WILL DIRECTLY DEPEND ON THE CONDITION OF THE SITE AFTER THE EVENT HAS CONCLUDED. Please leave any area that you use in a better condition than it was prior to your use. Your cooperation and assistance in this objective is greatly valued.
H. Please remember to perform an After Action Recon Sweep of any building after a combat scenario has ended.
I. Absolutely no weapons of any kind (loaded or empty) can be on the grounds of the State Hospital AT ANY TIME.
J. The buildings that are being used at Torrance are old and portions of those buildings are clearly unsafe. Please use common sense in avoiding these areas
at all times. Certain areas will be marked "off limits" by yellow mine flags. Do not enter those areas at any time!
K. Some of the buildings on the site are part of a private residence; please avoid tactical scenarios around these areas.



1. Respect for Unit Authority and Control - Your unit has been invited to participate in this event because of its authenticity and leadership standards. The Event Coordinator will address any and all situations, concerns and/or problems that may arise during the course of this event directly to the designated Unit Commander(s). The Event Coordinator has the utmost confidence that the Unit Commander(s) will appropriately address and resolve any issue that is presented to them.

2. Presentation, Enforcement and Accountability. In respect of the attributes of the Units that have been invited to participate in this event, the Event Coordinator has delegated the presentation and enforcement of these Rules of Engagement to the Unit Commanders. Accordingly, individual Unit Commander(s) will be held accountable for the presentation and enforcement of said rules.

3. Tactical Chain of Command - All units will honor the Chain of Command associated with that sid's overall army during this tactical event.

4. Refusal - Refusal to abide by a Judge's ruling, the Chain of Command or to honor the Rules of Engagement may result in the individual's and/or unit's immediate ejection from the event. Said individual's and/or unit's invitation to future Torrance Tacticals will be terminated.


1. Taking Hits- This is a "Gentleman's Tactical." As such, HITS WILL BE HONORED AT ALL TIMES!!! If in doubt, please take the hit, since this will encourage opponents from the other side to take hits. Take time to make the hit you take look good for all the reenactors in your area (both sides).

2. Judges - Are the ruling authority an all matters in the field. Any arguing with the Judges will not be tolerated. Appeals may be made to the Event Coordinator after the specific combat scenario has concluded, however, the Event Coordinator will grant the Judges great deference.

3. Safe Distance - Do not discharge your weapon toward another reenactor if the distance between participants is less than 20 feet. Please use verbal "BANG" signals to indicate gunfire. Again, it is strongly encouraged that the reenactor who is shot with the verbal bang reenacts a good hit.

4. Aiming Weapons - Do not aim your weapon(s) directly at another reenactor. Regardless of the distance between participants, all weapons must never be pointed directly at another participant. Aim either slightly high, low or to the side when firing at the enemy. When you are engaged in combat while in an enclosed area, such as a building, all weapons must be aimed at the ground at all times. Please be Safe!

5. Medic Scenario - It is recommended that each unit have a designated medic (ONE person wearing an armband with a Red Cross on it). This position can be switched off to other members of the unit so everyone can have a chance at fighting. The medic will be allowed to carry weapons (so he can trade off with another person at a later time). If the medic decides to use his weapon, he is considered a "live opponent" and can be killed. The medic's job is to find wounded members of his unit or any other unit that is fighting within close proximity of him, and aid them when the "Fallen" Soldier/Soldat, is calling for him ( I.E Medic or Sani). When the medic tags the fallen Soldier (either pretending to work over him, or a simple tag on the arm), the injured combatant will wait 10 minutes. When the time is up, the fallen soldier will walk back 100 feet to the rear of his line or the rear of the attack, put his helmet on and rejoin his unit. This will eliminate the problem of people dying for a limited time and advancing from the same point. Units fewer than 10 members will be formed up to make a squad, and one person will be initially designated as the medic. The medic position can be traded off throughout the event as stated above.

6. Real Emergency Situation - In the event that a participant is actually injured or taken ill during a combat scenario, the participant(s) that is closest to the real emergency situation will shout out, "CORPSMAN!" All activities will immediately cease and any participants that are technically trained in emergency health care located in that general area will respond to the emergency situation. Participants who are not technically trained in emergency health care will exit that general area and wait for further instructions from the Event Coordinator or his designee(s).

7. Hit Calling - PLEASE REFRAIN FROM HIT CALLING!!! This will be frowned upon very heavily and the Judge may deduct points from your side.

8. Civilians - Unarmed natives are not to be shot or taken prisoner.

9. Hits in buildings - If a soldier is hit in a building, that soldier must exit the building and remain at the Judge's designated area outside the building until the action is concluded. The soldier may spawn after 10 minutes, but is not permitted to reengage in the action from inside the building where the hit occurred.


1. "Wall Hugging near Doors and Corners"- This means you will not be permitted to walk parallel to the building walls when nearing the building's corner or entering a doorway. The potential danger for close proximity fire is too great. When preparing to go around a corner of a building or entering a doorway, a soldier must have a minimum of three (3) feet between himself and the wall when he is three feet or less from the door or corner. Soldiers must also enter doorways through the center of the doorway. This guideline is implemented in order to eliminate any surprise close encounters with firearms.

2. Shooting into Openings or around Corners - You WILL NOT be allowed to shoot into any opening (windows or doors) by sticking your weapon in from the side and blasting away. This is TOO dangerous!!! Please refrain from this!!!!

3. Hand Grenades -Honor all grenades regardless of their construction. Some participants will be using grenades that pop, bang or puff, and some will be using mock grenades that just look good. A grenade that lands in a vehicl's crew compartment will take out that vehicle. A grenade that lands in a room will take out all soldiers who are in that room. Honor the grenade hits. THERE ARE NO DUD GRENADES AT THIS EVENT! Additionally, please do not throw any type of exploding grenades in or at vehicles.

4. Heavy Weapons - A Bazooka and/or Faust/Shrek will take out the part of the building or area that it is being aimed at. Technically, that area of the building will be "destroyed" and everyone in that area will be dead. These types of shots must be made within 10 yards (30 ft) of the structure to warrant a hit (with the exception of mortar shots, see section below). Your unit may then enter through that area. Vehicles are instructed to honor the hit by a bazooka or Faust/Shrek if fired within 10 yards (30 feet) of the vehicle.

5. Machine Guns - These positions will take considerable resources and/or maneuvering prowess to overcome. DO NOT use an "Audie Murphy, SGT Rock, or Super Soldat charge" when attacking these types of positions unless your unit plans on having considerable hits taken.

6. Field Souvenirs - There is a mutual acknowledgement and understanding that each reenactor has invested a considerable fortune in his/her impression. In respect of that investment, combat/field souvenirs of any kind, for any duration of time, is NOT PERMITTED. Please ask permission before handling any item that you do not personally own.

7. Sniper - For a hit to be recorded, the target must be within 50 yards. Target must be in view from at least chest level. Sniper must have a spotter with him and must be wearing the correct sniper impression with camouflage. Rifle must have a scope affixed to the weapon.

8. Mortars - Mortars that fire a projectile must fire said projectile up. A hit will be recorded on all soldiers within a 15 ft. radius of the round's impact area, regardless of where the round was fired.

9. Hot Zones - Hot zones may be indicated by the Event Coordinator through the chain of command. The grid map will be utilized to identify these areas. The hot zones will be tactically active during the time periods indicated by the Event Coordinator. The military force that controls the hot zone during the indicated time period will score the points associated with that particular scenario.


1. Safe Distance - Infantry must remain at least 10 yards from any moving tracked vehicles.

2. Night Maneuvers - There will be no night attacks on moving tracked vehicles.

3. Hits a. Vehicles will honor the hit by a Bazooka or Faust/Shrek when fired within 10 yards (30 feet) of the vehicle. To have said hit recorded, the bazooka or Faust/Shrek must actually fire some type of simulated round (projectile is not required).

b. A grenade that lands in a vehicle's crew compartment will take out that vehicle. Crewmembers cannot throw the grenade out the crew compartment to avoid a hit. Please remember to honor the grenade. THERE ARE NO DUD GRENADES AT THIS EVENT! A hit will not be recorded if the grenade bounces off the vehicle. Do not throw any type of exploding grenades in or at vehicles.

c. A vehicle that takes a hit will display a red flag. (to add realism, the vehicle is suggested to display smoke.) The vehicle's Hit Card will be marked. (Hit Cards will be presented at registration).

d. A vehicle may spawn back into the tactical after exiting the combat area by at least 100 yards and a 15 minute sit-out period has expired. This rule will be for ALL vehicles (motorcycles to halftracks, etc). This rule will also eliminate any motorcycle(s) from conducting a suicide recon of forward areas in order to merely report back the enemy's strengths.

e. When the vehicle has five (5) hits on its Hit Card, the vehicle must return to its respective headquarters and then sit out for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes have expired, the vehicle will be issued a new Hit Card and the process will be repeated. PLEASE USE YOUR VEHICLES WISELY SINCE IT WILL COST YOU TIME AND POINTS AGAINST YOUR SIDE!

4. Caution - Do not fire projectiles at soft-topped vehicles or motorcycles.


This tactical event is being conducted in and around vacant farm and administrative-type buildings. The Event Coordinator has tried to make this tactical as realistic as possible, however, certain safety concerns must be recognized and enforced. These measures are implemented for your and your fellow reenactor's benefit and CANNOT be ignored!!!!!!

1. Tactical Area - Yellow minefield signs (with black skull and cross bones) indicate an out of bounds area. Also, areas marked in RED on the maps provided by the Event Coordinator indicate out of bound areas. DO NOT ENTER THESE AREAS.

2. Emergency Ceasefire - Due to the age and condition of the buildings in the tactical area, the combat action will immediately end if a dangerous structural or fire hazard occurs. All soldiers in the area must stop their tactical maneuvers and/or combat engagements when "EMERGENCY CEASEFIRE" is called out.

3. After Action Recon Sweep - All soldiers that participate in combat action in and around buildings will conduct an inspection of the area after the action has ended.


1. Blowing up Bridges - No vehicles will be permitted to cross a bridge after it is blown. Bridges can only be destroyed by demolition charges or field artillery (not bazooka or Faust/Shrek or grenades).

2. Bridges can not be rebuilt - Sacrificing a bridge will have significant tactical consequences for both sides.


The Event Coordinator and the host unit (82nd Airborne Division, 508PIR, Company E) welcome your suggestions regarding all aspects of this tactical. Please forward your feedback to jpsoltis@yahoo.com. Thank you for your attendance, support and cooperation.

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